Dedication to Purpose

Beyond Companion was founded by a young woman who had a passion to care for disabled adults, especially seniors.

Cassandra Ulysse has worked in the field of senior care for the past nine years. During this time, she was moved by the situation of one elderly client living at home alone, with no family nearby, and mildly advancing dementia. She watched as a home care agency sent caregivers to her apartment who barely performed the items on a checklist. Before they left, they didn’t take notice that the woman had little food in the fridge, mail piling up on her dining room table, or any other issues that required attention. Cassandra took this woman under her wing and cared for her like a granddaughter until she was moved to an assisted living facility. She also thought to herself, “shouldn’t home care be more concerned about clients as individuals – not just a checklist on a care plan?”

Her answer was, “Yes!” Cassandra also knew that “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” So, Cassandra Ulysse started Beyond Companion to provide home care services that go beyond checklists and treat the clients like family. At Beyond Companion, our in-home care caregivers and their support staff are trained, encouraged and empowered to watch for client needs and act to make sure those needs are met (even if they aren’t on a checklist).


Our mission is to recruit, train and hire the best caregivers who are able to go beyond a care plan and ensure that all our clients’ needs are met. As a leader in the home care services industry, Beyond Companion is more than just a service, it is our passion.